Visiting Swiss Ceramicist Cornelia Troesch – Part II

This is in Cornelia Troeschs kitchen where we drank green tea and I admired her collection of teecups and kettles.

cornelia troesch

This little red jug on the bottom photo is a traditionaly swiss piece of ceramics from Cornelia’s grandparents. On the photo bellow you can see the technic called „Hörnlimalerei“ used in Switzerland.


At the top of the shelf on the kitchen shelf you can see earthware pots made in the Elsass. They are burnt in woodstoves at a very high temperature. They where used to preserve things in and you can find them frequently in thriftstores.

cornelia troesch cornelia2cornelia troesch

You can look at the first part of this series here.

At the Carpenter’s

I am working on some woodcuts at the moment and will be posting more about them. Here are some photos I took at the carpenter’s, from whom I bought the lime wood. Lime wood is lovely to carve as it is quite soft and, as I am planing on carving prints with delicate lines, this wood is perfect for it.

carpenter carpentercarpenter3