Swiss Paramedics’ Leather Bag – Sanitaetertasche

SanitaetertascheSanitaetertascheSanitaetertascheSanitaetertascheSanitaetertascheSanitaeter Tasche

The Swiss paramedics’ leather bag belonged to my husband’s grandfather and is from the 1940’s.  We had never unpacked it and were amazed at the amount which can fit inside such a small space. We will never manage to get everything back into it.  Note the foot powder. I occasionally see people in the street using these as their handbags.
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2 thoughts on “Swiss Paramedics’ Leather Bag – Sanitaetertasche

  1. Caitlin H.

    Thank you for posting this! I bought one of these in a flea market when I was in Solothurn, Switzerland in 2011. I studied abroad for three months in Switzerland and I never found out what the use of this bag was! Now I know, so thank you! The one I have I believe is from the 70s (due to a last name and inscription on the back of the bag), but it is basically the same. Just some minor differences. I use it for a handbag now, as you mentioned!

    1. Anoushka Matus Post author

      pleased I could help you solve your riddle.
      I have also started using it as a handbag. It’s a bit of a challenge as I have to keep my things very tidy so everything fits in.


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